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How to combat haters when this is what a geek looks like

#QuirkCounselor: 8 Ways To Confront People Who Just Don’t Understand Us Awesome Geeks

It can be hard in these streets being a geek! The gatekeeping, the judgement from…

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The Pride of Iceland: LGBTQA+ Celebration in Reykjavik

Pride Month may be over in the States, but recognition of LGBTQA+ struggles is universal.…

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Magical Girls in Anime

#AnimeEncyclopedia: Where Did Magical Girls Come From Anyway?

It’s practically impossible to be a fan of anime and not know of iconic shows…

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Con Resource Guide: 7 Tips for Cheap Convention Snacking

Conventions generally last from 2-5 days… and believe me, that’s gonna be a lot of…

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#STREAMING WARS: How Anime Can Save Netflix from Disney +

     Anime is going to become Netflix’s mightiest avenger, and as a fan I couldn’t…

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Anime Quiz: Cannon Busters Versus Cowboy Bebop

Okay Space Cowboys, can you spot the differences and similarities between these rootin’ tootin’ steampunk…

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