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With the announced television reboots of The Golden Compass series on the BBC and The Lord of the Ring over at Amazon, television reboots are on the mind. With us being a golden age of television, it just makes sense that television would be the medium for effective reboots.

You can take more time on television and include more details from the source material, or flesh out poor source material. Here are 10 movies that I feel could benefit from being rebooted as television shows.


Check out my previous article here at Quirktastic (and what inspired this one) to see my full breakdown of why the Twilight series needs to be rebooted. To make a long story short – the original movies are no longer compelling (they kind of weren’t back then), and the story needs an overhaul to make it less problematic.



This series doesn’t suffer from the same issues of Twilight, but imagine how badass an HBO/FX aesthetic would serve the novel series. With a  whole season dedicated to each book, no detail would be left out to the delight of all Potterheads.  #JusticeForPeeves



It’s been decades since The Young Indiana Jones aired it’s 24 episodes (and it’s 4 unaired episodes and 4 made for television movies). Taking cues from The Librarians this series could be a grave-digging, rollicking good time. It could also alleviate the bad feelings Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull left fans of the franchise with.



We’re in the middle of a ‘90’s revival, and what’s more ‘90’s than Cher, Dionne, and Murray? The film and television spin off were classic. The television show’s Friday night airing partner, Sabrina the Teenage Witch has a reboot starting this fall on Netflix!



This film was already turned into a television show in 2015 and was promptly cancelled, because Fox doesn’t give shows time to develop. However, Meagan Good and Stark Sands were brilliant as an officer and a pre-cog solving crimes together.



The recent film reboot was not very good and underperformed at the box office, greatly. That being said, the world could definitely go back to Rick and Evie and their Mummy killing hijinks.



Anne Hathaway will probably always be our favorite Mia Thermopolis, but did you know that The Princess Diaries series is actually 11 books long?? We need a new meaty teen dramedy ala Freak and Geeks – Mia, Lilly, and Grandmere are the perfect vehicle for this.



For a story that never ends, two hours is a pretty short amount of time to tell it in. A Neverending Story mini-series could really give the story time and more emotional weight. Which may or may not be a good things when it comes to Artax.



The recent film reboot was plagued with drama from its inception – but that’s no reason to give up on the franchise or the fandom. Imagine a Grey’s Anatomy style cast of Ghostbusters in a ‘monster of the week’ format. A modern Ghostbusters television reboot could easily have Supernatural length run.


I glossed over it here, but Tales from the Hood is perfect television reboot material. It’s inspiration series, Tales from the Crypt ran for seven seasons on HBO. A Tales from the Hood television show could not only touch on topical social justice matters, like it’s predecessor, but could also help several actors of color gain exposure and job opportunities.

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