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Well hel-lo Nintendo and thanks for the Pokemon Nessa Fanart!

E3 showed us some great new releases and let us see a little deeper into exciting upcoming games like Pokemon Sword and Shield. We were already hype over the new designs and now there’s just way more to love.

Yamper the Corgi Pokemon

Not to be dramatic, but I would totally die for Yamper, the Corgi Pokemon.

Adorable Pokemon, console/portable play, the next logical step in the Pokemon reveal was, of course, the human element. We’ve met Leon, champion of Galar region, and your avatars with their precious little hats. Then we saw her….


Pokemon Nessa Official Art

Pokemon Official art

She’s cool, sporty, stylish and POC? Be still my heart! And I’m not the only one. We’ve collected 11 of the most amazing POC Nessa Pokemon Fanart from around the web- since yesterday!


Nessa Pokemon Fanart with pokeball

The sass!


Nessa Pokemon Fanart underwater

New meaning to impractical footwear…

Nessa Pokemon Fanart sketch

Sketch style!

Nessa Pokemon Fanart with Mantine

Mantine, Go!

Nessa Pokemon Fanart pastel

With logo!

Pokemon Nessa fanart in battle arena

Challenge. Accepted.

Pokemon Ness fanart with Lapras

A good trainer loves her Pokemon!

Nessa and Leon in Pokemon Fanart meme

We do love a good meme!

Nessa Pokemon Fanart blue and orange background

Posh Pokeball throw!

Nessa and Sonia Pokemon fanart

Sail those ships!

realistic style Nessa Pokemon fanart


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