15 Things Tracee Ellis Ross Has Said That’ll Empower You On Your Darkest Days

In a world where Tracee Ellis Ross is told she can still adopt because, “it’s not too late for your life to have meaning”, she soon realized something had to give.

At Glamour’s 2017 Woman of the Year Summit, Tracee gave a speech about her success, and how her “failure” of being single and childless quite often overshadowed her success in others’ eyes.

And then she turned the tables and talked about the epiphany of 4 words she journaled that made her live her life differently, and filled with much more joy:

This life is MINE!

Tracee was living life, but she wasn’t living it fully for herself.

Tracee shared these 4 impactful words at the summit that became an epiphany for her, but that isn’t the only gem she’s dropped over the years.

If you ever feel you need some empowering words on self-acceptance, Tracee is your gal! And we have the quotes from the summit, and from years’ past, to prove it.

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(Be sure to bookmark this for the days when you need uplifting. Tracee’s got you!)

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