30 Things Every Alternative Black Kid Has Probably Heard at Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving guys! Hope today is going well for all of you! For many of us, Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays, and for good reason: it’s a perfect time to give thanks, spend much needed time with family, and—of course—eat to our hearts content!

But, if you identify as an alternative black guy/girl, you can’t help but notice the giant elephant in the room that emerges each Thanksgiving—you. Whether its snide remarks, befuddled looks, or simple jokes at your expense, I’m sure you and many other like-minded quirks have been uncomfortable—or even angry—at the sheer ignorance and shameless interrogation that comes from you choosing to express your unique authentic self.

It’s ridiculous! And honestly, pretty hilarious once you think about it. The fact that most of us have similar experiences hearing some of the statements down below, only illustrates how predictable and limiting the status quo can be.

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