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Being vegan has never been more fun and beautiful with these black vegan Youtubers who share their favorite summer recipes.

Although you can find numerous vegan recipes on Youtube, a lot of them can be disappointing in their lack of flavor and creativity. Not to fear, all of the below recipes are packed with FLAVOR and remind us that being vegan doesn’t mean you have to give up one of the greatest pleasures in life — EATING!


Rachel Ama has got vegan pancakes and their gluten free too? Say no more.

What better way to start of the morning than with Chef Mama Rosas’s scrambled tofu with eggplant sauce?


Shine with Plants makes the kind of salad that can fill anyone up.

Get into making buddha bowls with Rachel Ama.


SweetPotatoSoul makes cooking look so easy because with these recipes, it is!

Jamaican beef patties, and they’re vegan?! Bless The Vegan Jamaican for coming up with this recipe!

Don’t ever give up your comfort food with Brown Vegan’s one-pot cheesy pasta and sausage recipe.


The best part about being vegan are definitely the desserts! TheChicNatural has you covered when it comes to these guilty pleasures.

Whats your favorite vegan food? Leave us a comment below!

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