Adorned By Chi Announces Volume 1 Release Of Its Magical Girl Series & Manga Tour

Great news, magical girl aficionados!

Adorned by Chi—the popular lifestyle brand for misfits and magical girls— has just announced that pre-orders for Volume One of its eponymous magical girl series will be available starting February 11, 2019!

In addition to that, Adorned By Chi will be going on “tour” to celebrate the Volume One release, starting off in LA and ending at the first Black woman owned comic shop in the Northeast: Almagam Philly.

Adorned by Chi has been receiving well-earned acclaim and popularity both as a brand and as a magical girl series, and news of this development has everyone at Quirktastic hyped and excited to see what incredible new things they’ll be bringing to the forefront in the future!

Grab your pre-order of Adorned By Chi: The Series, here!

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