Adorned By Chi Announces West African Inspired Magical Girl Series!

OMG. Talk about Black Girl Magic!


Adorned By Chi, Jacque A’s wildly popular lifestyle brand for “soft black girls”, has just announced that it’s officially launching a Kickstarter for a West African magical girl series! The project, named “Adorned by Chi: The Story”, is set in Nigeria, and has already hinted at a colorful cast of beautiful melanin beauties, and a rich story interwoven with Igbo mythology. The eponymous mascots of the brand—Chiamaka and Chi Chi —are set to star as well. We cannot wait. I mean, have you seen these designs?!


And Adorned By Chi: The Story is planning on being much more than a graphic novel. The 9 issue 100+ page  series will be a multi-media comic featuring original music, animation, and so much more. And with the sneak peeks we’ve seen already, it’s pretty obvious it’s gonna be a BIG hit.

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Check out “Adorned By Chi: The Story”‘s  Kickstarter below and learn how you can support this fabulous project!

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