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OMG. Talk about Black Girl Magic!



Adorned By Chi, Jacque A’s wildly popular lifestyle brand for “soft black girls”, has just announced that it’s officially launching a Kickstarter for a West African magical girl series! The project, named “Adorned by Chi: The Story”, is set in Nigeria, and has already hinted at a colorful cast of beautiful melanin beauties, and a rich story interwoven with Igbo mythology. The eponymous mascots of the brand—Chiamaka and Chi Chi —are set to star as well. We cannot wait. I mean, have you seen these designs?!


And Adorned By Chi: The Story is planning on being much more than a graphic novel. The 9 issue 100+ page  series will be a multi-media comic featuring original music, animation, and so much more. And with the sneak peeks we’ve seen already, it’s pretty obvious it’s gonna be a BIG hit.


Check out “Adorned By Chi: The Story”‘s  Kickstarter below and learn how you can support this fabulous project!

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