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Welcome to the African American Wiccan Support Group Please Note the Rules of Our Group: It is our belief that there are many African Americans, who are interested in the structure of the Wiccan, Pagan, and other Metaphysical philosophies, but they don’t have the support as there are with others religions such as Christianity, Islam and Hebrew Israelites. This is a home to discuss the theory of Wicca or any other Pagan philosophy, consisting of magick and spiritual growth. Here we can swap knowledge and spells and share our experiences. This belief system is new to many of us, but please leaves all negative energy outside the group’s door. It is our wish that this group helps people of color to transition into this earth based systems, learn about African deities, learn to commune with the Ancestral Spirits and pay homage to the Mother-Goddess and Her Consort. Blessed Be! Rules of the Group

1) You CANNOT post any advertising in this group unless you have been in this group for 3 months and have been a consistent poster of comments and memes. Even then we ask that only Pagan ware be posted. We feel if you can’t contribute to the conversations but can post your ware you are a Spammer and spam is deleted.

2) Any racist comments will be deleted and posters of racist comments will be eliminated from the group. Christian Proselytizing Comments are NOT Welcome!! This also is not a place to discuss Black vs White issues and all postings will be deleted promptly without notification to the member posting. This is NOT the group for the promotion of black power, Hebrew Israelite Unity, Egyptologist Movements, and the like. There are other groups for those topics.

3) *DO NOT BOTHER TO JOIN THIS GROUP IF YOU ONLY COME IN TO GET SPELLS or to have your palms, face or cards read . There seems to be a rash of people coming into the group and asking for spells as they walk into the door. Advice should only be given to members who have been in the group for a while, and wish to truly learn about the different crafts. A question about how to get started or what books to read is one thing. Asking for spells is another.

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4) This is also not a place to recruit members for other groups, private classes, or as possible/future clients. Please check with an admin of this group if you have any questions or are in doubt; otherwise, your post(s) will be deleted. Please be respectful of each other and reply, post and comment in a respectable manner. Remember, this is Sacred Space.

5) Do NOT come into the group to criticize other people’s spirituality. We have all types of Pagans in here from Wiccans to African Traditional Religions. If you hate people practicing Wicca or Santeria this is not the group for you. Anyone sounding like they are Hating or Proselytizing (converting others) will be kicked out of the group immediately. Please do not block any of the Admins. Blocking an Admin will result in your removal from the group without notice.

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