Are You Ready To Geek & Chill? Check Out This New Podcast Powered By Quirktastic!

Get ready to geek out and chill out with this new podcast powered by Quirktastic!

GEEK&CHILL is your weekly podcast where we talk anime, games, comics and your favorite TV shows. Join hosts, Sunzi and The Mighty Mauricio every week and get the scoop on whats happening every week in Pop Culture and Entertainment as they navigate through the channels and perspectives of the Black Urban Geek.

Original Geek&Chill artwork by Spencer A.

Geek out as we discuss game reviews, comic announcements, nostalgic countdowns or what to watch on your anime lists for the season! Be sure to tune in to our show every week for our take on current news.

Are you ready to Geek & Chill? Check out the first episode here!

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