10 Comi Cons Other Than SDCC That Need To Be On Your List

*This post was curated by Lauren and Gabby of The Quirk Team

Looking for a new con to attend? Finally making the trek out to SDCC? Take it from your cosplay-loving, convention-attending, quirky ladies and gents here at Quirktastic when we say we know cons!

Cosplay and Comic duo, Lauren and Gabby are here to give you the inside scoop on some of their favorite cons on the East Coast and in the Midwest.

1. Motor City ComicCon, Novi, Michigan

It is the furthest convention I have ever been too, culminating in 8 hours of driving. They include comic, and film guests, and an amazing artists gallery. A huge convention, when I arrived, there was traffic 17 streets away, because everyone was heading to the convention. The year that I went, they hosted a one on one (group) talk with Stan Lee. I had the opportunity to meet Aaron Ashmore (The Following) and Walter Kroenig (Star Trek T.O.S.).
– Gabby

2. Otakon, Formerly Baltimore, MD, coming to Washington, DC this summer

Otakon was my first ever con! As the largest anime convention on the East Coast it certainly lives up to all the hype. Everything from the guests to the panels to activities and surroundings will leave you in awe. Highly recommend to any con goer!
– Lauren

3. Armageddicon, Columbus, Ohio

Put together by a fan organization called Anime Punch, they run up to three cons a year, all hosted, created and staffed by fans. They 24-hour game room, two dances, and awesome anime related panels, sometimes there are even concerts. It is an anime and gaming convention.
– Gabby

4. Anime USA, Washington, DC

Anime USA is a super small con that tends to get overshadowed by NYCC (they often fall back-to-back). However, if you’re not one for large crowds and enjoy authenticity in the 90’s throwback sense, this is your con. Between Anime USA and Otakon, I’ve met the most friends here. Super friendly and down-to-earth people (as most cons have), Anime USA has a special following and for me, it’s the perfect con to close out my year.
– Lauren

5. Youmacon, Detroit, Michigan

It’s an anime convention that usually takes place around Halloween. It has a dance and a masquerade ball, and the year that I attended, they hosted a Stitch and Bitch. Which I’d never seen at a convention before, I’m a knitter, so it was definitely a nice surprise for me. It is an anime and gaming convention.
– Gabby

6. MAGFest, National Harbor, MD

Don’t let the nerd B.O. deter you from going to this awesome convention. A 4-day long music and gaming con this one never disappoints. With games from old school Super Mario to testing games that are still in beta, there’s something for every kind of gamer at this convention.
– Lauren

7. C2E2, Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo, affectionately known as C2E2, is a comics convention. Taking place in Chicago Illinois. It’s my favorite convention, I make time to go every year. This would be the 3rd year in a row. This convention is so big, that for the first two years, I only attended one day, and felt that I was always missing out.

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This year I attended Saturday and Sunday, and I still feel like I missed some things. This is a pretty big convention, name wise, in the three years that I’ve visited, I’ve been able to meet: Brenden Fletcher (Batgirl), Cameron Stewart (Batgirl), Babs Tarr (Batgirl), Gail Simone (Clean Room), Margaurite Sauvage (Bombshells), Annie Wu (Black Canary) and Ming Doyle (Constantine) Who actually recognized me out of costume from another convention. I felt like I’d gone to heaven.
– Gabby

8. AwesomeCon, Washington, DC

AwesomeCon is what I would call…awesome. Their celebrity line-up is on point! Stan Lee, Matthew Lewis, David Tennant, Kel Mitchell…how many more amazing and iconic people do I need to name? GO to this con at least ONCE in your lifetime.
– Lauren

9. Cincy Comicon, Cincinnati, Ohio

Gabby at Cincy Comi Con Gabby at Cincy Comi Con

The difference between this convention and the Cincinnati Comic Expo is that this convention is much more about the artists and writers that create our favorite comics. Expo is more about the publicity of comic books and focuses on television adaptations and film. I met Brenden Fletcher and Cameron Stewart the very first time I attended, and I definitely want to go again.
– Gabby

10. Katsucon, National Harbor, MD

You’ve heard from far and wide about this con and sometimes I think it’s more popular than Otakon. Katsucon kicks off most people’s con season so it’s a big one to show out for! With great guests like Yaya Han and Jessica Nigri and to top it off a spectacular venue for cosplay photos, Katsucon rarely disappoints.
– Lauren


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