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Black Vegan Social (BVS) is a platform for vegans of color who share an interest in veganism, cultivating new relationships, and larger-than-life experiences through events, as well as local and international travels. As members of the BVS family, you will have direct connections to vegans across the along with access to the latest vegan news, upcoming events, and travels. We are veganism from a melanated perspective! #commUNITYOVERBELIEFS From cruises to international travels, BVS offers something for you whether you are single or not. So, check out our events and pull out your passports in preparation for the voyage you won’t soon forget!

We have experienced travel professionals who are committed to assisting us with creating and organizing the most competitive values on the market for our travel experiences. We welcome you to share your photos, videos, and stories of veganism, travels, and events, while creating new friendships and memories. Please invite your “squad”, friends, and family to join our group the best group around. Listed below are few posting guidelines, for your use.

** Posting Guidelines – BVS Group Page. **

1. Please post your vegan dishes, post regarding veganism, BVS related events & travel, health & wellness, and anything beneficial to the black community

2. Feel free to ask questions or start a discussion related to veganism, BVS travels, and health & wellness. Please use hashtags to help with searches.


4. Please do not post anything that promotes a business or non-BVS trips or events

5. Please do not post anything related to travel clubs or discount cards. You may inbox me those related details.

6. Please do not post any offers or free giveaways

7. Please do not post anything that requests members to email or to call you.

8. Please do not post links to other Facebook pages or groups, Instagram pages, or Twitter pages, unless it’s BVS related.

9. Please do not post introductions resembling dating page bios

10. Please do not post sexually suggestive videos or pictures.

11. Please be respectful of others and refrain from posting inappropriate language or images.

12. BVS reserves the right to use any picture posted to the group page for display, marketing and/or promotion on the group page, our Instagram page, Twitter page, or website.

13. Please do not make uninvited advances toward other members of the group.

14. Each of these rules applies to comment threads and inboxes

** Violating any of these posting rules might result in your removal from this group** Thank you and welcome to the BVS Family

GiGi Graham /Founder/Chairperson Black Vegan Social

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