Emanuel, Documentary About Charleston Church Shooting, Officially Drops Trailer

It’s official – the trailer for the documentary film Emanuel has just been released and its buzzing a conversation.

This film is about the heinous, unjust, and disgusting racial crime of the Emanuel AME Charleston church shooting. This powerful and sobering film was executively produced by Viola Davis and Stephen Curry, with Law and Orders’ Mariska Haritgay co producing, and Brian Ivie directing. The trailer looks as if it will delve into the intersectionality between race and religion, and the break down between the two that led to that black day. The documentary features tidbits from victims that survived the mass murder, and the aftermath.

It’s an unfortunate timely and sensitive issue that is current amongst the American political landscape today.

Only in theaters June 17 and 19, it’s a documentary that is sure to be weighty, chilling, and hopefully provide context to the an unanswerable act. Check out the trailer below.

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