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You can be successful with your startup without knowing a lick of code for the tech end. Sounds like some scam ad, right? But it isn’t. There’s an inspired woman who persevered until she was able to do just this.

Oh, did we mention she became a millionaire because of it? Yeah.

CEO of the Kollecto app and CEO of AppsWithoutCode (read the blog to see what magic is going down during Kollecto’s sabbatical!), Tara Reed noticed flaws within techy workspaces and a gap in the world of recommendation apps, and took action.

Kollecto began because Reed wanted fine art for her new apartment, but knew of no place that could reccomend you art pieces. In an interview with Entrepreneur, she talks about using already existing tech to create a more comfortable way of shopping.

The creation of the Kollecto app led to her being invited to speak at a TEDx talk (!!!) about helping other entrepreneurs build apps without code.

And the crazy thing about all of this is that getting into tech was an accident for Reed! She first dipped her toe into tech after getting an internship with Google (and believing she wouldn’t get it beforehand).

In a Huffington Post article, we learn that Reed saw both segregation and a marketing disconnect during her tech jobs at Google and Foursquare.

There weren’t very high concerns about what the customer needed from the products that were being worked on within the company, and ownership of products were being handed off too quickly.

Reed believes that products shouldn’t be delegated until the startup knows what it’s doing and can repeat that rhythm.

One of the biggest takeaways I’ve read from Reed (whether you’re in tech or not) is to just start!

People spend too much time trying to get everything perfect and are afraid of something not working out, but how will you know if you don’t try?

And try now, rather than waste time and miss out on opportunities when you honestly can take a more efficient route?

Reed currently has a webinar you can sign up for that helps you test your startup idea without spending a lot of money.

Make sure to connect with Tara Reed on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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