4 Things To Know When Dating A Quirky Black Girl

1. We’re In Tune With Our Black Culture

We’ve heard it all before. “Why don’t you date black guys?”…“Do you not like your own race?”…“You listen to X, Y, Z music…what about Hip-Hop or Rap?”

Just because a quirky, black woman is embracing another culture, whether it be dating, listening to the music, watching shows or just enjoying food, it doesn’t mean we have an issue with our own culture. I love my rich, Black culture and wouldn’t trade it for the world. But I also enjoy Latin food…and Japanese anime, and I date whoever fits my personality and all my quirks…and I don’t limit that to just black men.

With that said, that doesn’t mean just because I’ve dated a white guy that I’ve dropped my roots. Dating another culture is about two different people coming together and celebrating their love. Regardless of race or sex/gender.

2. We’re Strong, But We’re Vulnerable Too

A common misconception that black women are tired of hearing is that we’re so strong-minded that it translates as “bitchy” or “hard to work with” or “hard to date”. Yes, we are strong-willed and passionate about life and everything we do but in relationships, like any other normal person, we’re vulnerable. We have a soft side that many of us are completely fine putting on display…with the right person. Contrary to popular belief…you can be an independent, bad-ass woman and a caring, sensitive lover at the same time.

3. We’re Smart AF

A black woman doesn’t need to be classified as “quirky” in order to be smart but it’s definitely a tie-in that we are tired of hearing. We can speak multiple languages, and make the Dean’s List, invent new things, rule the boardroom and still come home and make a bomb ass meal. That doesn’t make us some rare, super breed form of black person…it makes us a person who is smart and motivated. We are sick of hearing that because of qualities like these that we aren’t like most black women. Black Girl Magic comes in all varieties.

4. We Stay True To Who We Are

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From a personal standpoint, I have been picked on, ridiculed, and shot down for the majority of my short life–all for just being me. It wasn’t until my 20’s that I decided to stop caring and most of the black women I surround myself with feel the same.

We are tired of sticking up for things that we like to wear, or read, or listen to. Unless it is directly harming you physically, no one should ever have to feel like they need to give an answer for not filling a stereotype.

Like I said before, we are proud of our lineage but we are also very smart, so don’t be surprised if the quirky black girl you date can fill many roles…we like to call that being “worldly”.

P.S. How cute is Aisha of SkinnyGirlFatHair (the quirky, black woman in the GIFs)?


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  • Love the gifs the mostest! Yea, I got over the whole quirking while dating thing. I just like to be me, whatever that’s supposed to mean. If you love and appreciate yourself, you will attract those of like mind who also love and appreciate themselves and who will also like you for who you are, not for who they think you should be. I will admit it took me awhile to understand this and better yet, to implement the whole self-love thing but eh, I came around to it. Thanks for this although it could have easily been 40 things to know instead of 4 lol

  • I can relate to this so much. I’ve been out of the dating pool for a long time, but I remember all the cringe inducing questions and comments I would get from people questioning my love of my Blackness. sigh

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