Dear Black Women: An Open Letter About Your Greatest Contributions

Editor’s note: As women, and even more as Black women, we already know all of the work that we do day by day. Though, sometimes it is nice to have someone who identifies as the opposite sex acknowledge all of the emotional heavy lifting we do in a non-“pick me” fashion. Please know that this piece was written with the purest intentions. Enjoy.

Submitted by A Blissful Black Kid

Dear Black Women,

Do you know what you’ve done?

The magnitude of your actions has left countless people speechless. You all have single-handedly saved our race. You’ve introduced concepts that are radical, revolutionary and, what some may even call, maniacal. You’ve introduced freedom, kindness, understanding and acceptance back into our culture. There’s a trail of black excellence, black love, black boy joy, black girl magic and a many other hashtag that have come from your nurturing bosom.

For those a little lost, let me explain.

Kindness starts in the heart and permeates through our everyday interactions. There’s never been a time when anger has manifested through my everyday actions unless kindness was already absent from my heart. In the black community, specifically the neighborhoods I was brought up in, I was taught that kindness was weakness. That as a black man there was no room for compassion, love, understanding or empathy because that was a recipe to get you in a tight spot.

Fast forward 10 years later and I constantly find myself searching every day for ways to show love to my people. Whether it’s through a friendly smile, a nod and a hello, or even asking how someone’s day is going and listening to the response. For 7 of those 10 years that we fast forwarded through I spent them valuing the “show no kindness” ideology and for 7 of those 10 years I’ve hurt people close to me because I thought it was easier than opening up to them.

As I grew, I began to understand the importance of kindness in the black community and black women it’s all because of you. There’s been a resurgence of Black Girl Magic, Black boy joy, black kids embracing anime, video games, alternative culture, our roots, our ancestors and it is because the black community has taken hold of how important kindness, understanding, history and acceptance have become in these troubling times.

Black women through all your adversity and disregard you have nurtured and taught the community to grab hold and embrace our various connections.

You can turn to social media outlets and see entire threads of our black queens cheering each other on or stop and get lost viewing entire pages dedicated to the power of our race’s love. Without second thinking people are loving the quirks, kinks and differences that come with our people. Praising the different styles in which we all dress and showing that we don’t have to appeal to specific stereotypes has set ablaze a new era in fashion and creativity. It is things like these that has helped kindle a fire of support and compassion throughout our community.

It is well known that we have been historically torn from and pit against each other so that our community can have a wedge, but, black women, it is this aura you all possess that has become contagious and will help our community heal both physically and mentally.

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Black women, as child I did childish things and as protectors and healers you taught me the right way.

When I was young, lost and still hurting, you all you stuck by me and helped me right my wrongs. When I told myself that anger was the only way, you taught me compassion. When I ran from the things I loved because they weren’t stereotypical of black men, you taught me that I’m not who they say I am but rather who I want to be. Your kindness and your love taught me that I am not a product of society, or a wellspring of unrequited anger and dismay. But that I am a beacon of warmth, love, strength, creativity and, most important, kindness.

The greatest gift I have ever received is one that I can pour back into you all. It is this gift that allows me to write this letter thanking you and hoping it makes your eyes light up the same way mine did when I began to write. It is important to your mental and physically health that you all know that your work is of the utmost importance and that we appreciate all that you have done.

I hope that everyone reading this letter grasps the importance of expanding kindness, acceptance, love and camaraderie in our communities the same way that black women have been doing for years.
Dear Black Women, you have freed the shackles we’ve once clung too.

Do you know what you’ve done?

A Blissful Black Kid

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