Declutter for the Summer: 7 Tips to Organize Your Inner and Outer Space


Can you believe that #Summer17 is almost here? With so many dope things happening in these warmer months, a clutter-free space is vital.

If you plan on traveling, knowing how to “pack light” and keeping your home space organized so that you can come back and breathe easy is essential. Maybe you’re working and stacking all Summer, and you want to come home and be able to wind down with room to think, literally. We here at Quirktastic are going to bring you some tips to make your Solstice (and the rest of the year) one to remember.

I love stuff. However, stuff piles up and transforms into clutter, and clutter turns into chaos. Leaning on the saying “as within, so without,” clutter exists on all levels. Essentially, that physical mess is a manifestation of spiritual mess, and we can’t have that!

Here are some things that I’ve learned that will keep you in check and guide you to inner peace:

1.Make Your Bed.

This may sound juvenile, but making my bed every day has made a huge impact on the energy in my room. Think of it like this: when you leave your house, you never know how your day is going to go; even if you’re home all day, you never know how your day is going to go. Make your bed, Quirks. Even if there is craziness happening around you, your bed will act as a safe space, and to enter that safe space, it needs to be neat and clutter free.

2. If You Feel Like You Need to Clean, Clean.

I call it “Impulsive Cleaning.” This is the cleaning that occurs when your intention is only to just “pick up around the house” but you end up deep cleaning your entire space. Embrace those moments. This not only helps you save time in the future when it comes to getting things done, but maintaining a clean space allows you to be prepared for just about anything. You’ll find yourself knocking out those “cleaning days” on your to-do list ahead of time.

3.Don’t Fight the Urge to Purge.

Throw it all away. This may seem harsh, or impulsive, but that’s exactly the point. Listening to your core and trusting your gut allows you to successfully purge and get rid of all the unnecessary things in your space. Your intuition is your best friend here. Set aside a day to purge, go from room to room, and trash everything that your gut tells you doesn’t serve you. Do not think twice! #ThrowItALLAway

4.Understand the Meaning of “Value.”

What do you value? What are your values? What is valuable to you? The answers to these questions will be essential to your decluttering escapade. When you understand what you value most, you will be able to decipher the difference between what is for your benefit and what isn’t. If your values aren’t outlined, it will make the decluttering process that much harder because your mind will constantly tell you that those heels or that pair of jeans from your junior year in high school can still be used.  

5.Consider a “Capsule Wardrobe.”

When it comes to clothes, I am a hoarder. Most of my mess comes from the attachment to clothes that I have had for years. Some of them I know I have no business wearing anymore, others, I don’t know where I would ever wear them too, but I have hope! Garbage bags to Goodwill, and it felt so nice. Recently, I donated 3 full We can’t do that though. If you are like me and can fill garbage bags with clothes, it is time to consider a “Capsule Wardrobe.” This concept will help you downsize your closet (and mess) as well as make you pull out your inner stylist and try out some new looks! This is also a key essential for packing light when traveling and keeping those extra bag fees from dipping into your fun money.

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6.Get Some Air.

Seriously! Open some windows. Wherever you are, take some time to step outside or at least bring in some air. I didn’t realize until after I quit my job, how much time I would spend inside and not even think to open the blinds, crack the window, or just step onto my porch and just take in the world around me. It was creating a lot of mental clutter and adding to the piles of anxieties that I already had. When I finally started doing small things like opening my windows, or sitting outside without my phone and just taking it all in, I realized that my thoughts became different.

7. Take a Technology Break.

Yes, y’all! Put your phones away and embrace everything around you. Have conversations with eye contact, listen intently. Instead of checking your phone in the morning, try journaling instead. This will help you keep your mind clear of anyone else’s clutter and help you get your carpe diem on. It has made such a difference in how I start my day.

Do you have any tips on how to declutter your space? Have you thought about starting a new habit or daily routine? Let us know!


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  • For those of us that find cleaning and organizing such a daunting task, visualizing your plan before going to work makes it a whole lot less overwhelming. It changes it from a very large, seemingly unending task to a series of small, accomplishable goals that can be knocked out one of the time.

    Great tips, Keila! I wish you would’ve posted it 5 days sooner when I needed it -_-

    • Tower 1
  • We only have so much room in our closets, right? So if you acquire/buy a new thing (new means new to you), let go of something comparable that you currently own (i.e. Shoes, clothes, accessories, jewelry etc). This definitely will cause you to be more thoughtful & intentional about what you introduce to and remove from your space. Appreciate the tips Keila….keep it coming!

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