Evanescence Announces Plans To Release A New Album In 2020

It’s been eight years since the rock band has released a new album.

More recently, as in 2017, Evanescence released an orchestral version of past hits and two new songs in order to fill our angsty void. Now, the band announced they plan on compiling a new set of music for a 2020 album release. “This is sort of a creation year for us,” singer Amy Lee said when asked about the possibility of a new album at Epicenter Festival. “We’re playing a few festivals and some headlining shows — a little bit, but not too heavy. And in the time in between getting together and starting the writing process for a new album.” My early 2000s heart is rejoicing.


Personally, I’ve followed the band’s journey since the start even when the hiatuses had me and other fans wondering if they’d ever return. Their first album Fallen, containing their most notable song “Bring Me To Life” released in 2003. It was three years later when their second album The Open Door made a debut. Their self titled album Evanescence didn’t release until 2011, and then years later Synthesis gave us old favorites in an orchestra style redo. They’re currently still on tour, and after a few line-up changes and studio disagreements over the years, Evanescence is ready to give us the haunting vocals and compelling instrumentals we know and love.

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