Feeling that Holiday Rage? Aggretsuko Is Too

If anyone is at work waiting for the holidays and  feeling your Aggretsuko-vibes boil up to a full blown rage, lo and behold the holiday special you’ve been waiting for. This red panda knows what it’s like to get angry at work.

Coming out on December 20th on Netflix this episode will keep our rage abated while we wait for a full second season to come out next year. Aggretsuko: We Wish You A Metal Christmas is an episode with the usual blood-curdling rage while Aggretsuko seeks validation through social media in the holiday season. Featuring a “Jingle Bells” song by Tim Timebomb.

If you haven’t been watching this show, you’re lucky because you get to watch all of season one plus the holiday special. Follow Aggretsuko and her coworkers as they navigate corporate Tokyo and all of the ordeals involved. Her one coping mechanism will blow your socks off.

While you’re waiting for December 20th, be sure to take our Aggretsuko Character Quiz here.

Are you ready to have a metal Christmas?

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