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Look. We’re not about to sit here and act like Season 8 isn’t, well. Doing its all to make us throw the whole damn HBO subscription away, but with one episode left, fans are still wondering: Who will be sitting on the Iron Throne? (or its less melt-y equivalent)? Check below to see what your pick for the Iron Throne says about you.


King of the North?

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Jon Snow is the personification of loyalty and stubbornness - and so are you. You have probably backed the same horse since day one. Your optimistic nature hopes for a more positive future, no matter how unlikely in this bloody game.

Fire and Blood?

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Daenerys took Missandei's words to heart: dracarys, girl. You believe that you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette, and if you have to kill a few innocents to take Kings Landing and prevent trickery and rebellion, so be it. The ends justify the means, you ruthless little thing.

Brains over Brawn?

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People are unpredictable, but battles can be lost and won according to careful planning- something Tyrion has used to keep himself alive this long. An ace or two up your sleeve is the most important thing. Be sure your kindness does not circumvent your cunning.

Sneak Attack?

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Well, no one can say she didn't earn it. Arya is independent, impulsive- but not immune to reason. You believe in merit and hard work over nepotism. Speak softly and carry a sharp dagger!

A Free North?

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Sansa has learned small ambition: never bite off more than you can chew. Seven independent Kingdoms would give the factions time to rest and recover- something poor Rhaegal could have used. You prefer to take things slow, but aren't to be underestimated. Everyone's viewpoint is valuable... for you.

Power to the People?

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And why not? The hot fire of vengeance drives Grey Worm. Should the Starks be successful in their plotting against his Queen, breaker of Chains, we won't be surprised to see Grey Worm march like a one man army against this close-minded country. You too are ready to man the guillotines!

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