Hair Nah – the ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’ Video Game

Picture this: you’ve set out for the day, you spent ages picking out your ‘fro and you know it’s looking amazing, you’re going about your day minding your own business when all of a sudden somebody’s unsolicited dirty hands are snaking their way through your hair!

This seems to me to be a universal black girl experience and it seems that nobody understands how frustrating and annoying it is! Thankfully, now we have a game to refer people to when they rudely ask, “Well why can’t I touch your hair?” Momo Pixel’s Hair Nah perfectly sums up the nuisance that is that probing question, “Can I touch your hair?” and the ever-present need to keep swatting people’s hands away. I especially love how the character wears a deadpan expression because trust me, there’s nothing exciting about this feeling and we’re so over it! Honestly, Solange would be proud.

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If you haven’t played it already, it’s available here. Also, check out Momo Pixel’s vibrant and colorful Instagram and Twitter pages.

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