#HotGothsip: Your Perfect Fall Playlist For Halloween (And Other Nighttime) Shenanigans

Alternative Playlist for Fall and Halloween

There are certain songs I hear that no matter what time of year it is, slips me right into the fall season. And I’m giving you a playlist of ’em for your Halloween (and other misty moon night) shenanigans.

Welcome to the “What’s the Hot Gothsip?” series (or #HotGothsip for short)! Your go-to place to sink your teeth into all things punk, goth, scene, and alternative!

These songs pair well with leather jackets, quiet nights out in the middle of eerie nowhere, and sinister smirks.


Ghosts by The Head and the Heart


Satin in a Coffin by Modest Mouse


Kid on My Shoulders by White Rabbits


Barton Hallow by Civil Wars


See Also

Percussion Gun by White Rabbits


Madness by Muse


I’m Not Me by White Rabbits

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