Is The Goth Scene Becoming Mainstream? A Discussion Black Goths Need To Have

Dana Dillipede Dr. Cayln On Commercialization of Goth

Image via Dining with Dana.

There’s been a safe, inclusivity in the goth world in the past, but it seems to have shifted recently.

I haven’t really thought of how the goth community has shifted with social media influences, but it makes sense that it would.

And the topic of conversation came up through the Fat Bat Queen, Dana Dillipede.

And, her creator over on Instagram.

Click through the comments on the above photo; the discussion on this topic is interesting!

This 3-part series on the blog will cover several areas about commercializing goth culture, but at the time of writing this, I have the scoop on the first two.

See Also

The first piece being about hauls and materialism, and the second piece on social media and baby bats.

Can’t wait for the third piece!

And this is a lovely introduction and segue to future posts on Quirktastic about the amazing Dana Dillipede! A great resource for Black goths!

(But if you can’t wait, you can check out other blog posts like Medusa’s Braidout and Fun Goth DIYs for Every Batling). Or there’s also the epic Tumblr to browse through as well!

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