KieraPlease’s Debut Song Is The Perfect Jam To Kick-Start Your Spring!

With the onset of spring and bright, warmer weather comes a thirst for new upbeat songs to dive into. We’re all cleaning out our dreary winter playlists to make way for fun, easygoing jams.

Most of us are craving bops that lift our moods and remind us of the fun summer days that are sure to come in a month or two. One such song I’m sure will be added to your new spring playlist is KieraPlease’s “Bloom”.

Related imageIf you’ve been on the internet or social media in the past few years, you’ve probably heard of KieraPlease. Originally making her mark as a carefree Tumblr black girl, Kiera has taken the internet and Instagram by storm with her eclectic style, sweet personality, and amazing cosplays. And most recently, Kiera’s checked off a new box on her list of talents: singing! Last month the influencer released her very first song on her YouTube channel, “Bloom”. is a soft, delicate song that is reminiscent of St. Beauty and SZA. Kiera’s soft vocals offset gorgeous visuals of pastel hair, colorful outfits, and dreamy summer vibes. If you close your eyes, you can almost imagine sitting on a porch with friends sipping lemonade. Or watching an episode of Steven Universe. Unsurprisingly, Kiera’s debut song oozes carefree black fun, and we are totally here for it! With everything this influencer’s already accomplished in such a short amount of time, we’re super excited to see what new talents “bloom” out of Kiera in the future!

Check out her music video below, and let us know what you think!

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