The Voice Actor Of Marceline The Vampire Queen Just Released A Full Album Worth Putting On Repeat

The Voice Actor For Marceline Just Released Your Newest Summer Playlist

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Adventure Time may be over, but Marceline the Vampire Queen isn’t! #GlobSaveTheVampireQueen

I fell in love with Marceline as soon as she made her debut appearance on Adventure Time, claiming territories all throughout Ooo.

So naturally, I researched the voice actress (Olivia Olson) and learned she’s pretty into Marceline too.

From excitedly hissing sweet nothings into a little girl’s ear (poor mom just didn’t get it), to getting Marceline’s axe guitar tattooed onto her inner wrist…

I think it’s safe to say that Olivia Olson is okay with us calling her the Vampire Queen. 😉

Even based off her Instagram, she tends to veer toward the alternative and still keeps things fun and quirky.

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💉 ‘tis the season ⚰️

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And we love that over here at Quirktastic! 😉

Of course, her singing voice reminds us all of Marceline, so aside from the covers she’d do at conventions, venues (you can really see Marceline’s axe tattoo here!), and on her YouTube channel… we never really got to hear Olivia put everything together into her own fleshed-out album.

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(I mean I know she has Beauty is Chaos and The Father-Daughter Album of Unspeakable Beauty but SHHHHHH…!)

One might say, we thirsted for more. 😉

And the day’s finally come! She dropped her album a week ago, Nowhere Land and it is catchy!

She dropped all of her songs on her YouTube channel, and I linked the playlist from it below!




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