Netflix’s Aggretsuko Has Been Renewed For A Second Season And We Are Pumped

Sanrio’s newest character stole our hearts this past year when they introduced Retsuko, a red panda with a horrible work life and an affinity for death metal who is all too relatable to the average millennial.

Netflix has officially announced that Aggretsuko will have a second season some time in 2019. What are we looking forward to? Definitely more kick-ass themes of feminism. In season one, Retsuko battled with a sexist boss and finding her own two feet to stand on, rather than having a boyfriend.

Retsuko also learns the value of friendship in those that are more experienced and looking out for her better interest. Though season one ends on a good note, we’re not fooled. We know that theres much more stress to be had and karaoke to be screamed for our poor protagonist.

Supporting characters were also a highlight of season one. Who can forget Retsuko’s foxy co-worker, Fenneko, who is as loyal as she is scary? Or Tsunoda, the über fake, office kiss-ass? And whats going to happen with Retsuko and Haida? Well, only time will tell!

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What are you looking forward to in season 2? While you play the waiting game, be sure to take our Aggretsuko quiz here!


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