Newest Lion King Trailer Teases Simba’s Coming Of Age Journey In Beautiful, Stunning Imagery

Earlier today, Disney released the newest trailer for the live action remake of Lion King, and can we just say that it looks absolutely amazing?!

Replacing Jeremy Irons as Scar is Chiwetel Ejiofor, who has undoubtedly taken the reigns with incredible flair. This iteration of Scar is rougher, with a sinister cadence that is at once amicable but daunting, like a double edged sword.

And that’s not even speaking to the rest of the characters in this film. Mufasa (reprised by the legendary James Earl Jones) strikes a different tone in this film as well, more approachable and light in tone while still being incredibly regal: the voice of a king.

Adding on to the impressive characters is simply breathtaking cinematography. The CGI used in this live-action remake is incredible, going above and beyond the quality from previous Disney live-actions, and bringing to life the Pridelands in a way that’s never been conceived before.

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Check out the trailer below to see what we’re talking about! Keep your eyes peeled, because there’s a few familiar characters and nods to the original film that will certainly blast you with a nostalgia bomb!


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