Please Stop Making Female Characters Go To Battle In Heels!

I personally can’t stand high heels in real life and I think this dislike stems from how much pressure is put on women to wear them, Brittany King mentioned in an article, “a woman in heels is the quintessential woman: a woman at her best, most glamorous self.” It’s stupid and absolutely absurd.

Apart from that, there is nothing I despise more than seeing a female character wearing stiletto heels on the battlefield. While high heels may look cute or aesthetically pleasing (if you’re into sadomasochism) they severely impair the movement of the wearer, especially if the heel’s point is very thin, and in all honestly, they make the wearer more of a liability. This issue is such an epidemic that there’s even a TV Tropes page for it

Here are the worst offenders in this category:

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