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Hey Poke-fan, are you pumped for the super-silly-awesome Detective Pikachu movie debut this weekend? Test your might with this PokeQuiz: Are you a Detective Pikachu Quiz before picking up your tickets! The results may just shock you.


Before getting cast in "Detective Pikachu," Justice Smith sang the Pokemon theme song in which previous acting role?


How tall is Pikachu?


Female Pikachu can be distinguished from their male counterparts by what unique characteristic?

pokemon fandom wiki

Pikachu learns what move at level 42 before evolving to Raichu?

pokemon fandom wiki

Alolan Raichu has what subtype?

Before Pikachu became the lovable Pokemon ambassador we all know and love, who was slated to be the number one Poke-cutie?


Which Pikachu Pokemon TCG card is so rare that only 39 were ever awarded as prizes in contests?


Scientists coined the name 'Pikarin' for what?

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