Con Resource Guide – #Throwback Playlist – 5 Songs Every Solo Con Goer Should Listen To

Convention lines! We’ve all been there and they suck to an unbelievable degree especially when you’re by yourself.

They pack you in like cattle, your standing for long amounts of time, and then there’s the anxiety to snag a spot in the panel. If your an introvert like me speaking to a bunch of strangers is a NO-NO, so over the years I cultivated a throwback playlist that gets me in the vibe for the con every time! Here are my top 5 songs that you should plug into to get you through your con experience:

5. Aly and AJ’s Chemical’s React

You may laugh but considering Aly and Aj preformed live at Dragon Con this year this song is extremely fitting. Aly and Aj was a huge part of our childhoods and this song always takes me down a nostalgic lane. When I’m ready to jump start my con experience this is my first go to.

4. Aladdin  Friend Like Me

Looking out on the convention floor it can be hard to see all these groups, friends, and good vibes being shared between everyone else – but you. Tune into this song and let the late and great Robin Williams help share this burden. I’ve listened to this numerous times and it help me get through any solo experience immensely.

3.Panic at the Disco I Write Sins, Not Tragedies

Panic at the Disco is at the center of everyone’s Emo phase, and this song is no exception. When its getting late into the night and I’m drained from energy vampires this song is a great pick me up especially if you’re heading into a rave or just ready to punk out!

2. J.T. and Queen Bey’s Until the End of Time (Remix)

There is no legit throwback playlist that doesn’t have Queen Bey in it. I chose this song in particular because we all need a wind down during the convention whether its eating, detoxing at the end of the day, or the need to get in a mood for something else…this song is it.

1. Sailor Moon Opening Theme Song

To be honest I have an entire separate anime playlist I listen to during cons but seeing as how Sailor Moon is one of my favorite TV shows of ALL TIME…this had to go to the top of my list. As it needs no further introduction definitely listen to this (or any of your favorite anime tunes) to get you through the solo con experience!

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Remember, cons are amazing safe spaces filled with great energy and like minded people. But, when experienced by yourself it can be quite taxing.

Create your own playlist featuring any music that will make you feel apart of a community, and I promise you won’t miss a beat!


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