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Check out your She-Ra Princess Horoscope – then check out season 2 on Netflix!



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Practical and hardworking, Catra isn't bad- but she sure is stubborn!


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Entraptra is smart, charming and chatty- but can be unreliable when running off on her own adventures!


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Glimmer is sensitive, caring, and empathetic- just like a crab!


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Adora is a headstrong leader and a royal Leo bearing, even before she's She-Ra!


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Perfuma is earthy, just like Virgo - loyal and dedicated to goodness.


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Castaspella's fair and just nature keeps the balance just like you, Libra!


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Scorpia is a Scorpio- obviously! Aside from the superficial, the powerful strength is you all over!


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Bow is adventurous with a magnetic personality- plus he's an archer!


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Netossa is a master of focus and fortitude- and that can make her just a little impatient with signs a little slower on the uptake.


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Swift Wind might be a flying horse- but he's a flying horse who champions for equality. You're a real unicorn, Aquarian!


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Mermista is an adaptable water-type, just like a Pisces.


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Spinnerella is a confident character who is bold despite the haters.

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