#SadBoi Hours: 13 Songs To Make You Cry When You Are Finally Ready To Work Through Your Emotions

Artist: sunxinbiu

With how busy and distracting the world is, it’s not uncommon to find yourself finally sitting in silence at the end of a long week and realize how f*cking sad you are.

Whether it is a feeling of overwhelm, nostalgia or realizing that you aren’t really over your ex and are in an unfulfilling relationship, one day it will all bubble to the surface. When it does, here are some songs to help you cry so that you can get through it.

1. I know you’re somewhere

2. Would it still make you love me?

3. kina- i feel empty

4. losing interest

5. The Temper Trap- Sweet Disposition

6. beowulf- is it too late for me

7. remember me

8. tell me


Comment: “This is the song you listen to when you bottle everything up and you walk slowly towards a hill sit down and just let out a few tears with your head in your lap wishing someone can walk in your shoes or feel your hurt”

10. the burn marks on my epiano won’t go away

11. simple and clean

This song is simply for the nostalgia

12. sad sponge


This suggestion is mostly for the comments section. Scroll through to see everyone tell their truths and realize that you aren’t alone in your feelings.

Sadboi hours usually hit at the most inopportune times. If your sadboi hours, however, are lasting longer than usual, make sure to talk to a friend, seek a medical professional and/or call the suicide hotline.

Certified Sadboi Tee

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