Sailor Moon Is Just Like Us: 10 Situations You Likely Share With Sailor Moon


As a budding Anime fan, I watched Sailor Moon. The 1992 series can be credited as the gateway anime for most children. Sailor Moon follows a group of teenage girls that suddenly discover that they are destined for greatness, to protect Crystal Tokyo from celestial bad guys. Sailor Moon is kind, warm, loving, and a bit of a spazz, she’s such a relatable character.

It isn’t hard to see why the anime has survived two decades and still going strong. I like to akin being a magical girl in an anime to be a carefree and quirky black girl. We run into a lot of the same situations, without the talking cat. I think it would be fun to talk about a few situations you could find yourself in, that Sailor Moon has also experienced.

1. When you are running late

2. Misunderstanding the dress code for a party, and being way too fancy for it.

3. Sharing a crush with a friend.

4. Being Too indecisive

5. Not wanting to get out of bed.

6. When you’ve had a rough day and all you want to do is eat.

7. When Your friends want to know the scoop.

8. When you are so excited you can’t stand it.

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9. When your friend is too hype.

10. When you see some fuckshit, and just have to back away.

One of the biggest things I want to say is that representation is important. We are drawn to fictional characters, because we either see something in them that reminds us of ourselves or that we want to see in ourselves. Sometimes fictional characters can be goals, and sometimes it is fun to see that they are just like you and me.

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