SuperHi Wants To Help You Learn How To Code

Coding is a skill that is fundamental to developing creative visions. SuperHi is an online code school that wants to help people (like me and you) learn how to code and create unique internet content from scratch.


If you’re anything like me, you’re someone whose coding experience is very limited. The only thing I knew about coding is how to make cute hearts rain from the top of my old Myspace page. Even then, I needed someone to direct me to the website so I could copy and paste the pre-made code into my page editor.

SuperHi wants to change that. Its online community is made up of over 500 creatives that want to hone their coding knowledge and help others do the same. They offer courses, books, and tons of resources to get people started in the world of coding. Since their founding in 2015 they’ve taught students in more than 50 countries.

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On Wednesday, SuperHi announced a fall scholarship for Black and Latinx creatives. SuperHi is aware that Black and Latinx creatives are underrepresented in the coding arena. Why not offer a scholarship to equip some very special creatives with a comprehensive introduction to coding package FOR FREE?! Head over to the website and submit your application before 11:59 PM EST on November 30th. Three top winners will win access to every SuperHi course and 10 runner up winners will win a free copy of Learn to Code Now.


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