Test Your Might: Disney+ Cartoon Quiz

You’ve had a week to nostalgia binge, now it’s time to take our Quirktastic Disney+ Cartoon Quiz! Will you soar with the Gummi Bears or go into a Talespin? 


Drake Mallard was a character in which Disney cartoon?

In Gargoyles, who did Angela choose to be with?

Who was the only main cast member to retain the same voice actor in the Aladdin tv show and movies?

Who is not a member of the Pete family household in Goof Troop?

In Talespin, who owns the The Sea Duck cargo plane?

How many seasons of Disney's The Gummi Bears were ever created?

In the X-Men animated series, what is Jubilee's first name?

In Timon and Pumba, which hyena retained the same voice actor as the original movie?

Because of its proximity to the Oklahoma City Bombing, which show had an episode banned until its re-release on Disney +?

Which of the following was not a character from Chip N' Dale: Rescue Rangers?

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