We’ve Found Your New Online BFF…And She’s Weird And Quirky AF

Meeting Blessing also known as Nvppy Gawdess on YouTube. You may have seen a random dancing video from the 19 year old pop up on your explore page on Instagram, but trust us, she is someone that you want to know.

We’ve concluded that this self-proclaimed weirdo might just be the best friend that we’ve been looking for. Here’s why:

She makes random twerk videos in her bedroom.

I make twerk songs now so @bigfreedia watch outt

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If we could describe her dancing, it would be across between Cardi B and Steve Urkel, in the best possible way.

Song – my booty 😭 (yes ik it’s not actually big)

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She’s also willing to try new things.

And watches anime with no dubs in sight. Yesssss.

I prefer watching it subbed

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Our new best friend also embraces her weirdness whole-heartedly and is very unapologetic about it.

I have come to realize that I might be a little off😂😅

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She also plans to put Beyonce into retirement, so yay to up-and-coming celebrity friends!

Bleyoncé✨😹 sending Beyoncé into retirement (I found a wig)

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Think you’ll get bored hanging out with Blessing? Think again. I’m sure you’ll get lost inside of her imagination land. 

*cue dressing room montage* I’m trying on my old dance outfits

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If you need a reminder of what self love looks like, I’m sure that she would give it to you.

Plus, she is willing to do what it takes to not pay for food, even standing in line with you dressed as a cow to get a free chicken sandwich. Yes, you should be taking notes.

She’s also a Cancer, which we assume means that she has a heart of gold. Plus, who doesn’t love Cancers?

It’s my Birthdayyyy #nasty19👅

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Blessing definitely seems like the person you could count on to cheer you up with her goofiness when you are sad…even if it’s not on purpose.

I got bored

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We also feel like she is the friend that will celebrate your wins with you. Heck, if this is how she celebrates her high school graduation, imagine how excited she’ll be over her bestie’s accomplishments.

I graduate Saturday so mood!😭😭 (if you repost tag me @xbvpx)

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We imagine her celebratory dance to be something like this:

In short, weird girls are lit.

Ready to be best friends? Follow Blessing on Instagram and YouTube.


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  • We need a #WEIRDAFLITChallenge. I bet I take home the gold…..then ima take it to her house lol and we’ll have a final weird dual for the ultimate weird lit af battle of the millennium.

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