Throwback Thursday: Disney+ Disney Channel Original Movie Quiz

Disney+ opened a Whole New World of throwback entertainment. Now it’s time to take our Quirktastic Disney+ Disney Channel Original Movie Quiz! Can you take it to the Brink or will you get stuck in a Parent Trap? And don’t forget our cartoon quiz! 


Which Disney Channel Original Movie had the highest rated premiere?

What movie premiere takes place during the events of The Phantom of the Megaplex?

What was the first animated Disney Channel Original Movie?

What was Raven-Symone's first Disney role?

Who was the star of Disney Channel Original Movie Brink?

Which Cheetah Girl was a foster child?

During the events of Don't Look Under the Bed, what letter is spray painted on all the lockers?

How many Halloween Town films were made?

In Camp Rock, the Jonas Brothers play what roles?

Brenda Song, star of Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior, has a blackbelt in what discipline?

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