(UPDATED) Universal FanCon Has Been Indefinitely Postponed. Here Is What Happened

Note: Quirktastic Media does not believe in throwing shade, especially towards others in the Black/POC geek community. This post in just a response to several questions we have received about the issue. (Edit: though, we must also hold our community accountable.)

Update (4/21): On Saturday, April 21st at 12:04 am EST, Universal FanCon released an official statement and FAQS. Read below for details.

Early in the day on Friday, April 20th, 2018, the board of Universal FanCon alerted press that the convention, slated to run April 27th and April 28th, was being postponed.

The announcement seems to have only been sent to press and those who backed their Kickstarter, as many vendors, guests and attendees have taken to Twitter about the confusion.

The main frustrations seem to come from a lack of communication about the event cancellation in an official announcement, as well as and email glitch that leaked all of the Kickstarter supporters emails, and the obvious loss of money that fans have spent for travel towards the convention. Also, many attendees of the con who are not active on Twitter may still not know that the convention is not taking place.

With that being said, Universal FanCon has apologized on Twitter to its guests, vendors and attendees:


They also made it clear that they will be announcing later why the convention was cancelled, as well as what people who will be traveling to Baltimore can do instead.



Members on the board have also spoken out on the issue.





At this we can only assume why FanCon was cancelled, but at the end of the day, most events boil down to budget and attendance.

While we are sure that this is a blow for anyone who was planning to attend the convention, we hope that grace is shown towards Universal FanCon, as their mission was to give us an additional Black-owned con option that also fans of all ethnicity, sexual identity, and ability.

It also appears that vendors have set up a Virtual Artist Alley for anyone who still wants to support those who bought booths for the con.

Update: On Saturday, April 21st at 12:04 am EST, Universal FanCon released an official statement and FAQS. It seems to be a live document that has had several revisions and changes in policy. Here are screenshots of the most recent version we could find.

Please refer to the official Universal FanCon statement for the most up-to-date version.

Make sure to stay tuned to the Universal FanCon Twitter for updates.

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