We Found Carmen Sandiego And She’s Coming To Netflix

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Taking over the internet.

Originally debuted in 1980s as a computer game, Carmen Sandiego has also hit TV as part of a game show on PBS to teach kids geography and facts from around the world. Filled with mystery and intrigue, Carmen Sandiego is a force to be reckoned with. Only the best detective skills can catch this swift and crafty caper, and not without great effort.

Now, she’s gracing her presence on Netflix.

On Friday, January 18th the show will debut on Netflix. Carmen Sandiego will be voiced by Gina Rodriguez, with her accomplice, Player, being voiced by Finn Wolfhard. Not only will viewers have her famous antics and thefts at their fingertips, but now we’ll see her backstory and how she became a world-class thief. Ready for a binge in the New Year? This 20-episode series will give you just that.

Are you ready for Carmen Sandiego?! January 18th can’t come soon enough for us!

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