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I’m someone who loves a good story. Overwatch, the popular game from Blizzard Entertainment, is no exception. Each character has a unique backstory, each somehow tying into each other, creating a massive world where omnics and humans fight with and against each other as the objective (no pun intended.) But what happens when they rework a character and stray away from the original story? Welp, they did it with Mercy and now they’re doing it with Torbjorn.

The Swedish dwarf engineer is no longer a full on craftsman. Meaning he doesn’t distribute armor packs anymore. Yup. No more armor packs, no more scraps. Also no more building turrets to second form. It’s already in full turret form once built. His new secondary ability is called Overload, which is basically a baby version of his ultimate Molten Core, which now comes with a cooldown. His new ult is still called Molten Core, but it’s an AOE. His claw drops devastating amounts of molten magma doing major damage to the enemy and is extremely effective on armor. That last part I can kind of get behind, and I’m definitely OK with the turret being already in form 2 when built, but everything else… really Jeff? Really?

You couldn’t just stick to the script, could you Jeff? Torbs is known for his armor in the OW lore! Why take that away?! He built Reinhardt’s armor AND made a new one for Bastion!  Reworks are supposed to make characters more balanced, but this right here puts an imbalance between the characters and the original lore. I feel like they only got it right with Sombra. I mean I’ll try the rework to see how well it goes, but Jeff, you did to the story exactly what Torbjorn says: “Build ’em up, break ’em down.”

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